Top 7 tips to lose calories at home

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How to do your physical activity when the weather is bad? We are all aware of the fact that those winter, cold months are not the best days for carrying out such actions like walking, running, and exercising in the open air. But that does`t have to mean that you should skip the entire winter or every raining day.All of us are less active during the winter.

home-workout-couplePeople spend greater part of the day indoors. They simply can’t make themselves go out, or to gym, so they prefer staying inside, watching TV, eating, and turning into couch potatoes! And when the winter is over – they realize that they “suddenly” grew fat! But, there are a lot of things you can do inside your homes, and prevent gaining weight:

  1. While you are watching TV, you can do weightlifting for half an hour, for which time you’ll burn out 97 calories.
  2. Also, doing different types of exercise for half an hour burns out 104 calories
  3. Dancing is also very good exercise. You’ll include almost all muscle groups, and you’ll also cheer up! So, instead only listening to your favorite band, dance while listening. This exercise is very good “calorie-burner”, because in only 15 minutes, you’ll burn out 112 calories!
  4. Also, good news is that you can associate ironing with things beneficial for your looks, because it burns more than 110 calories in 15 minutes.
  5. Also, sweeping your floors will burn out 121 calorie in only 30 minutes. Plus – your house will shine bright!
  6. Doing squats, sit-ups, and press-ups, burns out around 150 calories in a quarter of an hour.
  7. The greatest calorie-burner is climbing up and down the stairs! In a half an hour, almost 200 calories will be burned, plus- you’ll stretch your legs, work out your leg and bottom muscles, and do a little cardio-training.stair-woman-keep-fit-climbing

Now you see that everything you do is some sort of training, and that there is possibility not to grow fat and out of shape even if you don’t visit gym.

Extra tip:

It’s very good to drink water during your training, but everyone knows that. What less people do know is that it is better to drink easy-digestive dairy products, such as whey, because they keep you fed and build onto muscles. Proteins are good for “demolishing” fats in our bodies, and the effect is far better if we take them in during the


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