Tea Bag Hair Treatment – Benefits and Contraindications

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Tea is a natural beverage which helps us stay healthy. It has numerous health benefits for our organism, and, among other things, it really good for our hair. But, did you ever consider using tea as a hair-care product? It can be a cheap and completely natural treatment for your hair.

Depending on the ingredients and the effect they have on human organism, there are kinds of tea that work better for our hair than others. In the following text, we will provide you with the info about how to use tea as a hair treatment and which tea will give you the best results.

Tea can solve various hair problems or simply serve as a natural conditioner. Benefits the tea bag natural hair treatment are the following: it stimulates hair growth, keeps your scalp clean, makes your hair soft and shiny because of its mild property of hair dye.

Green tea is very efficient  when it comes to fighting hair loss. It decreases the level of dihydrotestesterone and improves blood circulation. To feel all of its benefits, consume this tea on a daily basis or you can massage your scalp after you`ve rinsed your hair with it. Also, there are hair products which contain green tea, so if you prefer it that way, go and find what meets your needs.

Black tea is also good against hair loss, it leaves your hair soft and shiny and acts as a gentle, natural hair dye. Using black tea to wash your hair can result in lightening or darkening your hair color.

tea_time__by_julben-d4wczlqKinds of tea which are proven to be good for stimulating hair growth are lemongrass tea, rosemary tea and chamomile tea (also helps you relax and ease the stress).

Chamomile tea helps you deal with scalp issues, just like burdock tea, comfrey root tea, marigold tea and Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) tea. If you have damaged hair, try rinsing it with neem tea.


Unwanted effects of green tea and black tea are related with consuming caffeine which exists in the very plant. If caffeine is harmful for your body, it is possible you will feel some of the following symptoms: dizziness, insomnia, lack of appetite or irritability.

What`s important to know is that rosemary tea is an 18+ drink, and that people who use blood dilution and high blood pressure medicines should not drink this tea. People who suffer diabetes or liver disease should not consume Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) tea.

You surely knew that tea is good for your overall health, but now you know more precisely what sort of tea you need for particular conditions. Try the tea bag hair treatment and let us know how it worked for you!


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