Easy strawberry recipes

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First you must know which strawberries are the best, to get the best of them. Well, when buying them, always chose medium sized fruits because they are the sweetest! Intensely red fruits whose petioles are not removed are the best! The biggest fruits usually are not so sweet and juicy, as it seems.

The second advice we can give you is really simple- and we already wrote about it- wash your fruits JUST before you are to eat them. If you wash them and then put them in your fridge, they’ll lose their natural protective layer, and you can do nothing but throw them away.

The third advice is about freezing them. If you want to freeze them, wash them and put them on plateau to dry. When dried, put them in your freezer, and finally when they are frozen- sprinkle all over them freshly made lemon juice. Why lemon, you’re asking yourselves? Well, lemon will keep their red color, so when you unfreeze them, they’ll look as if they’re just picked from the garden. When you sprinkled the juice over the fruits, put them in plastic bags, and put them back in the freezer.

And now, our favorite strawberry recipes!



The first one is really simple, we love it for breakfast or snack. For this one, you need only yoghurt and few juicy strawberries. It is easy, delicious, and cheap so you’ll save up on your budget, too. So, wash the fruit, cut them in 2-3 pieces, and add them to your yoghurt. And that’s it! You can always add a spoon or two of cereals. We really recommend this! It’s full of vitamins, minerals, low-caloric, but yet it will feed you. Try it and let us know what you think of it.

Next recipe is easy and beneficial, too!

We call it simply strawberry lemonade. For this one, you need a lemon, few (5-6) strawberries, and water. Blender is also needed:-) Wash fruits and put them in a blender, then squeeze lemon in it, and blend it until you get smooth mash. Then pour it in a glass, and add water. This is for one person, if you’re making it for more persons, you’ll use as much ingredients as you need, according to the number of persons for whom you’re making it. This one is soooo refreshing, soooo delicious, and sooo different from the regular lemonade. So, why not try it??

The third one is also easy and everyone will love it, especially kids!15265834413_cbe4b0becd_o

What you`ll need beside strawberries is chocolate, a bit table spoon of whipping cream, almonds and nuts. Melt the chocolate and mix it with whipping cream. Wash and dry strawberries and dip one by one into chocolate and then into crashed mix of almonds and nuts. Put it into the frigde to cool down and it`s all done. It will look and taste delicious!

Strawberries are so easy to combine and always add freshness and a bit of that sweet`n`sour taste to evey recipe. Try these out and let us know how it turned out!

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