How to Make Your Metabolism Faster and Lose Weight

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It is simple- to lose weight you must take in fewer calories than you use. This means- metabolism must work faster! I know you all think “Oh, you are so clever! As if I didn’t know that. But it is not easy to do!” Ok, I agree, but I’ll give you few very effortless steps to follow and I promise that you’ll see results very soon, if you follow them strictly.

Eating habits are the most important for metabolism. After sleeping, our body needs its “fuel” which is food. The most important is not to skip breakfast– if you do, you slow down metabolism, and your body struggles against losing weight. On your table in the morning it is good to have: green tea, proteins, calcium, and even black chocolate! Eating your breakfast, you do yourselves good and that is something you mustn’t forget!


Sleep well! Many researchers proved that 32% of women that sleep less than 5 hours have weight problems. Also, if you sleep less levels of hormone ghrelin, the hunger hormone, increases. Your dinner should be at least 2 hours before going to bed. If you are hungry, drink a glass of lukewarm water or herbal tea, without sugar, honey or any sweetener. That would trick your stomach. Also, avoid drinking alcohol before sleep, don’t exercise in the evening, or if it is your only time when you can exercise- make sure that it is at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. Air you bedroom well before going to bed. TV, computers, lap-tops etc. must go out of your bedroom. You need silence during your sleep. Your dinner should consist of proteins or fiber. Don’t misunderstand me- you can eat “sweet” dinner. The most important is that you know how to combine food types so that they would be easily digested and used.

7b1e40bca70c0bc4_elliptical.previewThe best exercise rate doesn’t exist- every person has its own pace. So, find out your best pace and follow it. But for getting any results, it mustn’t be less than twice weekly. An American study showed that after 45 minutes cardio training, metabolism burns extra 190 calories! Best cardio is running and riding bike.

Make your muscles stronger. It is known that muscles burn out more calories than fats do. It is not for sure how much more, but I recently found this fact: muscles burn out between 30 and 100 calories a day per kilo, while fats burn only 4 calories! Scary, isn’t it?! The best you can do to make metabolism faster is to drink water. Drinking 500ml of water a day you speed metabolism for 30%.

So don’t tell me it is impossible to speed up metabolic process! I start my day this way: after I get up, I first drink a glass of water, and then I eat a fruit-an apple or banana or whatever I have in the house. An hour later, I have my breakfast, and than my day goes by its pace. Nothing is impossible if you really, really want it! We all do want to be healthy and pretty, don’t we?!

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