Evening Snacks – 6 Simple Recipes

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We all know the healthiest eating plan: 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Also, drink enough water or unsweetened herbal tea. For most people, main meals are not the problem, but the snacks are. When talking to people, most of them complain that the snacks are the problem that prevents them from getting in shape. Evening snacks or what we eat while watching a movie or late TV show, or while reading a book, are said to be the worst “enemies”. So, which snack is the ideal snack? Here we will give you 6 simple recipes for evening snacks. Prepare them in advance and you won’t be tempted to eat some chocolate or piece of cake.

6 Simple Recipes For Evening Snacks

  1. Popcorn: To prevent yourself from eating a pack of chips, full of fats and salt, prepare yourself popcorn. Add just a pinch of salt or some light sauce, or even grated cheddar cheese. If your opt for microwave popcorn, avoid those with butter or margarine, to save calories.  because this is one of the greatest


  2. Avocado: Rich in fiber and good fats, avocado is an ideal snack for the evening hours. Whether you choose fresh avocado or guacamole sauce, you’ll please yourself and do great things for your health and fit body.


  3. Bananas: As a great source of magnesium and potassium which help us to relax, bananas are ideal evening snack. Besides, they are rich in tryptophan which is transformed in serotonin and melatonin, hormons that ensure relaxation and sleep.


  4. Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is rich in proteins and poor in sugars, which makes it an excellent snack. It makes you fell full, you won’t overeat yourself and it is extra good in combination with celery or carrot sticks.

    greek yogurt

  5. Granola: Granola is one of the best evening snacks because it is low in calories and gives us the sense of fullness. We won’t overeat ourselves, but we will be full. Homemade granola with a little bit of low fat yogurt or milk is ideal evening snack that will please everyone.


  6. Hummus: Hummus is an excellent source of proteins that are recommended for dinner. If you combine this amazing dip with carrot, celery or cucumber sticks, you’ll be full, and these calories that won’t distract you from getting in shape.


We hope this article is helpful. Our idea was to show you simple recipes for evening snacks. This means these foods can be eaten after 8 p.m. but they can be eaten during the day as well. It is up to you to prepare these in advance and avoid breaking your healthy lifestyle rules.


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