Easy way to start working out (Video)

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This Latin phrase expresses the ancient ideal of a sound mind in a sound body. But, sport has not only a positive effect on our body. It also contributes to our health.

People spend millions of dollars annually on drugs for which they are convinced will help them lose weight; reduce stress and anxiety, and a lot of other things. Aren’t they aware that sport can do all of this, and much more? It helps us improve our muscles, bones, joints; it benefits diabetic and cardiovascular problems, and many other things beneficial for our health.

Tempo of our lives is such that only few of us can allow themselves to exercise every day. But, there is no need to give up exercise if you cannot exercise each day. You can do it 2 or 3 times a week, which is considered optimum. And none of you can convince me that you do not have time for that! Our health is the most precious thing, and we have to cherish it. No matter how old or overweight you are, you always have the need to be healthy, and it is never late for that. Most of the people are afraid of the fact that they’ll look ridiculous at the gym, and are scared that they are the fattest there, that everybody else are in a good shape. Well, it is so not true! You have to keep in mind that everybody has to start somewhere.

2953220416_a261cfbbcf_bPersonally, I do not like exercising in a gym. I found out that the most pleasant and beneficial for my organism is aerobic. It includes rhythmic exercise, uses the large muscle groups and one training lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. The most important thing in exercising is- breathing! Don’t ever forget to breathe properly, because you’ll save much of your energy, you’ll perform your exercises correctly and you’ll be able to see the results in the shortest time. Also, I’ll point out that only proper exercise is good exercise! If you carry it out without paying attention to how you’re doing it, you won’t have maximum results, and what’s worse- you can hurt yourselves.

Another important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t start exercising without warming up! Your body needs to warm up, in order to avoid different spasms or even much serious injuries. Always warm up before your training, and always stretch after it. Moreover, in the beginning you can do only the routine of warming up, and later you can add any type of exercising you prefer. Here is an example of such routine:

Now, I know that it’s not easy to force oneself to start exercising, but here’s my suggestion: start with simple walking. Make your own route, and do it every day. For example, you can start walking for 15 minutes in one direction, and then go back home. In a couple of days, you’ll be doing the same route in 10 minutes, at which point you can start walking a little bit further. This is good especially for those who are out of shape, and for those a little bit overweight, because they can’t hurt themselves.

Believe me, it’s really that easy. Try it, and do not hesitate to ask me whatever you want to know and I haven’t mentioned. Later, we’ll see which the next best step toward our goal is.

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