6 Food Swaps That Can Be Made Easily

food swaps
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Taking a new healthy regime doesn’t have to be all about hunger and avoiding food. On the contrary! It means that you just have to choose wisely.

How To Eat More Healthy?

Healthy eating means smart switches to your existing diet. Don’t think of things you can’t have because it will only make you miserable. Instead, focus on packing your diet and fridge with nutrient-packed foods. Here is a short list of healthy food swaps that can be incorporated in your meal plans easily. Try these healthy food swaps that are as high on flavor as they are on nutritional value.

Healthy Food Swaps

Developing healthy eating habits, as I said, is making better choices. So here is a list of healthy food swaps that I personally found the easiest to make.

1. Eat Toast Instead Of Pastries

Proteins, healthy fats and fruits that you’ll take in with your toast won’t lead you to mid-morning crash. Morning pastries will because of the added sugars they have. Some of the breakfast ideas are: whole grain toast with nut butter and banana slices, or pear slices. Or, you can spread guacamole on you toast. A good option is egg and avocado slices.

toast vs pastry

2. Make Your Own Muesli

Use raw oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other whole grains to make your own muesli instead of buying it in the supermarket. Those from the supermarket contain a lot of added sugars and that is what you want to cut off from your diet. Combine it with milk, yogurt or homemade orange juice.

homemade muesly

3. Use Spiralized Courgette Instead Of Pasta

Spiralized courgette or zucchini is a great way to avoid refined carbs. It is easy to make and gives your body a lot of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Plus, they taste good. You need a peeler or spiralizer, make your pasta and pan-fry it shortly on a dash of olive oil until tender. Easy way to lower your carb intake without the feeling you’re making a sacrifice.



4. Sweet Potato “Fries” Instead Of French Fries

Swap french fries with baked sweet potato fries. They are naturally sweet and help with sugar cravings, plus they are lower in fats and higher in antioxidants. In one portion of baked fries, there is less calories, carbs and fats than in the same portion of french fries.

sweet potato

5. Make Your Own Banana Ice Cream Or Popular “Nice Cream”

Nice cream is made of frozen bananas blended up into soft serve. If you add in additional ingredients like chocolate, cherries, or nuts, you’ll get amazing healthy, no dairy and no refined sugar ice cream. Try blending different frozen fruits with bananas and create your own flavors.

banana ice cream

6. Swap Candy Bars For Dark Chocolate And Nuts

You know candy bars are full of chemicals, added sugars and all those non-healthy things. When you need chocolaty treat, grab dark chocolate made of 70% cacao, with a handful of toasted almonds. Dark chocolate has less sugar, and nuts are full of protein to help your body manage the sugar load.

dark chocolate and nuts

You can swap these things easily and start from here. Another one and very useful advice is to cook instead of eating out. Cooking at home will more likely result in healthier diet, not to mention that it means a lot of saved money.

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