10 Workout Secrets For Women That Work

workout secrets
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For many of us who work, getting and staying fit can be a real challenge. Chores, kids and family are priority so it is obvious that exercising often is missed. But still, there are women who made exercise their routine and way of life, and all of them have the same advice. Let’s see which workout secrets they have for us.

10 Workout Secrets For Women That Work

These are 10 workout secrets for having a better, more effective and enjoyable workout.

1. Be Consistent

This is the most important of workout secrets. Once you decide that you want to start exercising, be consistent and firm. If you started exercising, don’t skip your training if you feel a little bit tired. Make the effort to get that fit body. Not a single exercise program in the world will work if you skip your sessions.

2. Set Realistic Goals

set realistic goals

Don’t strive for improbable goals. Set yourself achievable plans and focus on increasing healthy behaviors: eat healthy foods, start walking every day a little bit, and eventually you’ll realize that you added time, distance and intensity to that, so in some time, you’ll be able to run for 5 km.

3. Make a Plan That Fits Your Life

It’s not only a gym where you can get fit. Walk more, exercise at home while you watch your favorite TV show, do some exercises while you play with your kids. We all have some floor space at home. Try simple floor exercises to target hips, legs, thighs, chest and arms. Aim for 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, adding more reps and intensity as you build strength.

4. Do What You Like

do what you like

One of the most important workout secrets is to do what you like and enjoy. Make sure to choose activity that best fits you and your personality, and your needs. It is more likely that you won’t skip exercising if you enjoy it.

5. Watch Your Inner Clock

If you are a morning person, plan your exercising in the morning. If you are of those who brighten up during the day, chose to exercise in the afternoon or in the evening. The thing is, when you feel the most energetic, you’ll do the exercising easier and without much effort. It would be more pleasant for you. Also, for best results, don’t forget to check what to eat before the training and after the training, too.

6. Engage The Pro!

Especially if you start to work out for the first time, you need a pro. It is more expensive, but it will pay off. Pro will tell you which types of exercises you need most and how to do the exercise properly. They will draw your attention to flexibility, balance and agility, which may be more important than resistance training or aerobics. And in the end, your result will be seen sooner.

train with a pro

7. Buddy System Works Too

Find a training buddy who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle. It can be your partner or your best friend. This is an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company while doing something beneficial for yourselves.

8. Always Be Inspired

Experts say that fitness is a state of mind and it is essential that you have some inspiration, somebody who motivates you. They say that it is good to read fitness magazines, blogs, read articles… All of these will help you to live your dream.

9. Follow The Routine

According to The American Council on Exercise (ACE) you need a routine, ant this is their advice:

  1. Strength training twice a week, 20 minutes each, will help tone the body.
  2. Interval training which involves walking for two minutes, running for two, and alternating this pattern throughout the duration of a workout will also give amazing results.
  3. Increased Cardio / Aerobics exercise involves about 60 minutes a day of low to moderate intensity physical activity, such as walking, running, or dancing.

10. Be Patient

Last but not least workout secret is to remember that even if you follow all these tips, there will be ups and downs. Experts and those who exercise regularly advise patience. Never give up, because only persistence will give you results.



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