10 Best Beauty Coconut Oil Tricks

Coconut oil
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This sweet and tasty plant is well known for its culinary use. People use it everyday! From smoothies to coffees, as a butter or oil, it’s up to you and your creativity how and where will you use it. But many people do not know that it is amazing as a beauty product. Here we give you 10 best beauty tricks with coconut oil that you can do at your home, plus they are natural and healthy.

  1. Coconut oil as a hair conditioner

You can use it instead of your usual conditioner, which is full of chemicals. Add 1 tablespoon to your roots; massage it down toward the ends. Let it act for 30 minutes before washing your hair. Then, rinse it with warm water. Also, you can leave it overnight and wash it the next morning.

  1. Coconut oil as a facial wash

Mix equal parts of coconut and castor oil, massage it into your skin, and then wipe it off with a warm washcloth. It will make your skin soft and beautiful.

  1. Coconut oil as a moisturizing bath

Use one tablespoon coconut and few drops of your favorite essential oil and add them to the tub for a luxurious bath. It will leave your skin amazing, just if you had had some expensive spa treatment.

  1. Coconut oil as a body scrub

Use equal parts of coconut oil and sea salt. Mix them to get something like a paste. Use it while in a shower and scrub yourself, then rinse it off. Instead of sea salt, you can use baking soda or sugar.

  1. Coconut oil as a hair control

Girls, let’s be honest – nothing more annoying than a bad hair day. Coconut helps us here! Apply few drops to your hair, dry or wet, and your problems will be gone. Excellent frizz control!

  1. Coconut oil aa makeup removal

Oil will remove your makeup and at the same time make your face soft, smooth and moisturized. Put it on a cotton pad and clean your face for a spectacular results.

  1. Coconut oil aa body and hand moisturizer

Yes, you can moisturize your body, hands and face with coconut oil. It is especially recommended for sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. Do it on a regular daily basis and soon you will notice the big difference. No need for expensive lotions and treatments when organic coconut oil that you already have in your home can do the job.

  1. Coconut oil aa lip balm

It can be your favorite lip balm. It moisturizes skin, hydrates it and stops aging. It also helps with chapped lips. Give it a try! It smells and tastes good, too.

  1. Coconut oil aa deodorant

We all use antiperspirants but most of them are full of synthetic chemicals. Those who are not, are pretty pricey. You can make your own antiperspirant by mixing coconut and your favorite essential oil. Use it on a daily basis.

  1. Coconut oil aa shaving cream

Shaving creams help us a lot but did you know that coconut oil can act as one? It will prevent skin from razor burns and leave it soft and smooth.

Now that you read about amazing things you can do with it, the only thing left for you to do is to replace your beauty produce with this natural, no chemicals all-in-one oil. It will do you good!

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