banana strawberry chia seeds smoothie

Banana Strawberry and Chia Seeds Smoothie

Healthy food
May 12, 2017 0

This banana strawberry and chia seeds smoothie is excellent way to start your day. As most of the smoothies, it is easily prepared and won’t take you much time in the morning rush. Bananas are […]

chicken and vegetables soup

Chicken and Vegetables Soup

Healthy food
May 10, 2017 0

Making homemade soups is the easiest thing in the world. You can make soup out of everything, and I literally mean everything. Soups are good for every occasion, for lunches and dinners. They are super […]


Top 5 Tips For Effective Fitness

May 8, 2017 0

Many of us have been there: tired of putting in the effort at the gym and not seeing results. Many people show determination and consistent effort, but don’t reach their goals. “What am I doing […]

Evening Snacks – 6 Simple Recipes

Healthy advices
April 29, 2017 0

We all know the healthiest eating plan: 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Also, drink enough water or unsweetened herbal tea. For most people, main meals are not the problem, but the snacks are. When […]

homemade gluten free protein bar

Homemade Gluten Free Protein Bars

Healthy food
April 25, 2017 0

Homemade gluten free protein bars are excellent snack. Yes, we also can find them in stores, but those that we can buy are pretty pricey and contain a lot of ingredients we do not know […]

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